Sell Us Pallets
Neal's Pallet Company
Purchasing pallets in tractor trailer load quantities
 We are purchasing 48 x 40, 4-way pallets, in tractor trailer load
quantities.  If you have a minimum of 400 pallets of this size, please
give us a call to setup an appointment.  The number is (704)
4 at the automated attendant.  You must be able to load the
pallets into our van trailers, from a loading dock.  We are not able to
send out flatbed trailers for these items.

Bring pallets to us:
 At our Wilkinson Boulevard facility only, we are buying:
48" x 40" 4-Way
48" x 42"
42" x 42"
44" x 44" or 45" x 45"
48" x 48"

 These pallets MUST be sorted by size, before you arrive at our
facility.  You will not be allowed to sort on premises, and we will NOT
sort for you.  Please call (704)
393-8568, press 2 for current pricing.  
We have a minimum of 30 pallets before we can issue a check.  We
buy from 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  You will NOT be allowed to enter the
facility after 2:30 p.m.

First time selling pallets:
 If this is your first time selling pallets to us, we STRONGLY suggest
you send us a picture of the pallets you plan to bring us BEFORE you
load them up.  Send to  We have had
many, many folks show up with pallets they think have value, only to
be turned away because they are pallets we can't use.  This can be
avoided with a simple picture.  It's that easy!